Ideal-Pak at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2015

Judging by the number of domestic and international visitors to our booth, Ideal-Pak enjoyed a very successful Pack Expo trade show. Ideal-Pak presented a live demonstration of the Ideal-Pak Model AE3-CNM-DFS Automatic Net Weight Liquid Filling Machine with the Ideal-Pak DFS® Direct Fill System for filling 1 gallon through 5 gallon containers. The faster fill rates, quick clean-up, and more efficient container filling were of high interest to our attendees. In addition to Ideal’s direct sales team, sales representatives were on hand in our booth to meet with visitors from their territories.

Ideal-Pak Featured Model AE3-CNM at recent Pack Expo in Las Vegas

Ideal-Pak Featured Model AE3-CNM at recent Pack Expo in Las Vegas

Once again, industry professionals representing the full spectrum of liquid applications stopped by, including those from the paint & coatings, chemical, lubricants, food and beverage industries. Discussions ranged from filling line expansion plans for 2016, to productivity improvement, and the advantages offered by automatic or semi-automatic net weight filling. Ideal-Pak staff were excited to discuss the many different types of challenging liquid filling applications. — Thank you for a successful show!

Ideal-Pak at PACK EXPO Chicago 2014

Ideal-Pak at PACK EXPO Chicago 2014 – Rising Attendance Continues Growth Trend

PACK EXPO 2014 reported record trade show attendance for the exhibitors and Ideal-Pak was no exception. Visitors to the Ideal-Pak booth saw the model AE6-LAM Automatic Net Weight Liquid Filling Machine, featuring the Ideal-Pak DFS® Direct Fill System. Serious buyers from the paint & coatings, chemical, lubricants and food and beverage industries visited the Ideal-Pak booth with specific filling expansion plans for 2015.

Ideal-Pak representatives were busy throughout the show demonstrating the AE6-LAM mentioned above as well as introducing many new potential customers to Ideal-Pak’s extensive line of automatic and semi-automatic filling machines. There was a significant interest in Ideal’s automatic net-weight (AE Series) and semi-automatic (ME Series) filling machines. The Drum & Tote Line of Filling Machines generated significant interest as well.Ideal-Pak-Pack-Expo-Booth-Nov14

Ideal-Pak Article in Adhesive and Sealants Magazine June 2014 Issue

Ideal-Pak Marketing Manager, Steven Meyer’s article, “Innovation and the Future of Liquid Filling Machines for Adhesives and Sealants, is featured in the June, 2014 issue of Adhesive and Sealants magazine. The article is an overview of liquid viscosity and the ways that high performance nozzles and gravity-fed direct-fill systems can improve filling accuracy and throughput. Adhesive and Sealants magazine is available in print and on-line.

Ideal-Pak Article Adhesives Sealants magazine June2014

Click the link to visit the on-line version:

Ideal-Pak Incorporated New Company Name

A special announcement to let you know that our NEW company name is now Ideal-Pak Incorporated, changed from the old name, Ideal Manufacturing and Sales Corp., effective October 3, 2013. All contact information remains the same.

We look forward to offering our complete line of filling and packaging line solutions to our customers in the paint and coatings, lubricants, chemicals and food & beverage industries.

Ideal-Pak at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013 – Another Record-Breaker

Ideal-Pak enjoyed its most successful Pack Expo Las Vegas ever as measured by total booth attendees, total leads and number of new leads. Pack-Expo-2013-logo-smallVisitors to our booth included representatives from the paint & coatings, chemical, lubricants and food and beverage industries. If there was one dominant theme voiced by most booth visitors it was the need to improve productivity of their filling and packaging lines. For some this meant moving from 100% manual liquid filling to one of Ideal’s Performance Line semi-automated filling machines. For others it meant moving to one of Ideal’s fully automated Premier Line of filling machines. For many current Ideal customers it meant adding additional Ideal filling machine capacity. Next to productivity improvements many of our booth visitors expressed the need to move to net weight filling in order to improve the accuracy and improve the yields of their filling line operations.


As in past shows our Direct Fill System (DFS®), which we brought to the show along with one of our fully automated 4 spout Premier Filling Machines (Model AE4-LAM) continued to draw interest as a more efficient way fill containers with the added benefits of faster fill rates, faster clean-up and minimal batch change-over times.


In addition to Ideal’s direct sales team we had many of our sales representatives on hand in our booth to meet with booth visitors from their territories. Special thanks to all of you who visited our booth and all of our sales representatives that helped us out at the show.

Ideal-Pak Launches New Spanish-Language Website

Ideal Manufacturing and Sales, a leading manufacturer and supplier of the Ideal-Pak line of Liquid Filling Machines and Packaging Solutions, has launched a new Spanish-language website to broaden the usefulness of the English-language website. The Ideal-Pak Spanish-language website makes it easier for visitors from the Latin America market to learn about the variety of liquid filling machine products in the Ideal-Pak line.

Ideal-Pak Spanish Website

Each English-language page has a corresponding Spanish-language page with all of the useful resources and information about Ideal-Pak products.

To learn more, visit:

NEW! Ideal-Pak AE2-CFM Automatic Electronic Net Weight Liquid Filling Machine

The Ideal-Pak AE2-CFM Liquid Filling Machine is a recent addition to the Ideal-Pak Premier line of Automatic Electronic Net Weight systems.


Ideal-Pak AE2-CFM Automatic Electronic Net Weight Liquid Filling Machine

The AE2-CFM features 2 head net weight filling and includes a closing machine. A special feature is the DFS® Direct Fill System Module with powered height adjustment.  The AE2-CFM fills 2 gallon and 5 gallon containers.

To learn more, visit the Ideal-Pak Solution Guide:

Ideal-Pak Pack Expo Show Update

It was great to see so many current and potential Ideal-Pak customers in our booth at Pack-Expo this year. The U.S. Paint & Coatings, Chemical, Lubricant and Food Industries were well represented as were several companies from Canada, Latin America, Europe and The Middle East.


Ideal-Pak Pack Expo Trade Show Booth

There was great interest in our Premier Automatic In-Line filler line, our Preferred Semi-Automatic ME Filling Machine and Direct Fill System (DFS®).

Visitor to Ideal-Pak Trade Show booth

Attendance was very active during the Pack Expo Tradeshow

We also received very positive feedback on our recently introduced Ideal-Pak website and the rollout of our new Ideal-Pak corporate video.

Ideal-Pak at Pack Expo October 2012

The packaging and processing industry will converge at Pack Expo 2012 in Chicago, IL, and you are invited to visit with the Ideal-Pak team at Booth # S-3068 in the South Hall at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. The expo runs from October 28 through October 31, 2012, and is the one place where you can see all the latest innovations in material handling, processing, and packaging equipment.

Meet our professional staff and receive a guided tour of several Ideal-Pak Liquid Filling Machines. This is your chance for hands-on, face-to-face learning. Ideal-Pak filling equipment features the latest in plc-controlled automation, and precision high performance nozzles. The Ideal-Pak team has the experience to integrate a system for your specific application. The Ideal-Pak breadth of product covers a broad range of container types and sizes, from small half pint containers up to large drums and totes.

Ideal-Pak Liquid Filling Machines are designed for applications in the following industries: Paints & Coatings, Chemicals, Lubricants, and Food & Beverage. In each industrial category, Ideal-Pak has the right liquid filling machine solution for your specific application.

Attendance at the Pack Expo 2012 is once again expected to be high, and Ideal-Pak is excited to present a range of fully automatic and semi-automatic filling machine solutions.

Learn more about the Ideal-Pak DFS® Direct Fill System. The DFS is an environmentally friendly liquid filling solution that increases filling line throughput and yields while reducing  clean up time and waste for a greener, and more sustainable filling operation.

If you are a packaging industry professional, Ideal-Pak welcomes the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your liquid filling and packaging requirements. If you have an upcoming project to discuss, call or email Ideal-Pak to set up an appointment to meet with members of our sales team. Also remember that Ideal-Pak is located in Madison, WI, so we are not that far from Chicago if you would like to visit our manufacturing facility after the show. . We look forward to meeting with you.

Contact Ideal-Pak
Phone: 608-241-1118 | Toll Free: 800-383-1128 | Fax: 608-241-4448

Ideal-Pak International Sales Territory Representatives

Bob Whetstone, National Sales Manager
Phone: 608.316.6321

Kevin Sam, Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 608.316.6323

Russell Schlager, Sales & Marketing Director; Latin America Sales Manager
Phone: 608.316.6324

Case Study: Liquid Filling Machine For Lubricants and Large Containers

When a lubricants supplier needed to increase productivity and improve filling accuracy for containers ranging in size from 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, up to 250 gallon totes, Ideal-Pak was able to provide the solution. Additional customer requirements included the industrial filling applications of Lubricants & Oil Filling, including all weights of oils, synthetic oils and greases.

The Ideal-Pak product designed to meet the challenge is the Model PT-IF Semi-Automatic Net Weight Filling Machine for Drums and Totes.



  • Single nozzle with swing arm and slide positioning
  • Brakes maintain nozzle position during filling
  • Speed/Accuracy: 55 Gallons in 1-3 minutes at +/- 1.0 lbs.
  • Stainless Steel and Teflon coated wetted parts
  • 5 ft. powered conveyor on scale, gravity roller, in-feed and out-feed conveyor
  • Class 1, Division 1 compliant.


“Reduce filling station to one operator, improve filling throughput (fill 4 drums on a single pallet less than ten minutes); improved accuracy, eliminate spilling. Currently in production achieving: 55 gallon drum 1.2 minute fill time with accuracy of +/- 1.0 lbs.; 250 gallon tote 5 minute fill time with accuracy of +/- 1.0 lbs.”


Visit Ideal-Pak to learn more: